Fly fishing for Oscars – Spooled Reels

I remember as a kid my dad friend had two big Oscar in a giant Fish tank and I was fascinated with them! Well, my friend Chris at Spooled Reel revived that feeling by fly fishing for them somewhere in Florida!

Quick video with pretty cool under water takes! Check it out!


I spend last evening watching the Vlog page of Spooled Reel and I think you should too! It’s awesome, its raw, it’s real and Christopher is a funny man!

Chris and his partner in crime Tyler will share short video with quicker edits than their awesome movies we are used to see.

Stay tuned and visit for more!

In the meantime watch Christopher and presenting his new project Then go to the page and watch Baby Tarpon on Fly!


Can’t wait to meet these guys over the Christmas Holiday! I really need to brush up my casting though!


Featured Films This Week

I haven’t had too much time to post because I have been out chasing steelhead quite a bit the last couple of week!

These are my picks of my favourite latest fly fishing videos that came out recently on the web!


Christopher Helts is all about black drums these days and this is the latest video about it!

This one is about Derek and Jeff of the Hooké tribe who went to the Bahamas to target Bonefish.


And this one also from Hooké visiting Missoula, Montana for the Orvis Guide Rendez Vous.


Cheers and have Fly Fishy weekend!

No Roe Required