People We Met – Jean-Philippe Tessier

Hooké is releasing a series of videos about cool personality met along the way on the river.  This is Jean-Philippe Tessier, an Atlantic salmon guide in Gaspe. Look how clear the water is!


Hooké Ungava : An Expedition to No Man’s Land

This Hooké video was film last summer but just came out recently after touring in Québec the past year! It’s so far the very best of what Fred Campbell and his crew as ever done! I always have been obsess with the Québec and Canada great North. This is amazing, watch it!

Hooké New Chemise Pocket Fly


I recently saw Hooké newest addition to their awesome fly fishing life style clothing collection. The Chemise Pocket Fly looks great featuring quilted fabric and a removable fly pocket on the left side of the chest. The classic fly logo is featured in the Velcro when the pouch is remove and it feature nice detail and hardware! Check it out by clicking on the photos below!



The Hooké Canadian Shirt and the famous original hoodie are also back!


Featured Films This Week

I haven’t had too much time to post because I have been out chasing steelhead quite a bit the last couple of week!

These are my picks of my favourite latest fly fishing videos that came out recently on the web!


Christopher Helts is all about black drums these days and this is the latest video about it!

This one is about Derek and Jeff of the Hooké tribe who went to the Bahamas to target Bonefish.


And this one also from Hooké visiting Missoula, Montana for the Orvis Guide Rendez Vous.


Cheers and have Fly Fishy weekend!

No Roe Required