Franck et Will sur la Grande Cascapedia

Incredible video from Frank Guy on the famous salmon river the Grande Cascapedia! Cool slow motion, good tune and awesome vibes!

Look more of Frank Guy Tv’s work at


Hooké Ungava : An Expedition to No Man’s Land

This Hooké video was film last summer but just came out recently after touring in Québec the past year! It’s so far the very best of what Fred Campbell and his crew as ever done! I always have been obsess with the Québec and Canada great North. This is amazing, watch it!

Hooké New Chemise Pocket Fly


I recently saw Hooké newest addition to their awesome fly fishing life style clothing collection. The Chemise Pocket Fly looks great featuring quilted fabric and a removable fly pocket on the left side of the chest. The classic fly logo is featured in the Velcro when the pouch is remove and it feature nice detail and hardware! Check it out by clicking on the photos below!



The Hooké Canadian Shirt and the famous original hoodie are also back!


The Winter Blues And Fly Tying


The subject is a little irrelevant since Fall is starting soon but I wrote and shot this last spring for an online magazine but the project averted for some reason.

I do not know the exact date you are going to read this, but as I’m writing right now,
there still a meter high snow bank in front of my apartment.
So, it’s the end of March now. It’s about -12° Celsius right, that means about 6.8° F., ITS COLD! The weather network said this morning; it will be a late spring. Thanks for stating the obvious!

I’m writing this while listening some melancholic blues; the situation is more than appropriate.
When you’re a fly fisher, winter means reading books, magazines, and tying flies in anticipation for the next season. But what if the “so called” next season is late to show up?!
What can we do? Drink bourbon and tie flies, over and over again!
Which I do!

I have reorganized my fly boxes at least 4 times this winter, took photographs of them and… And drank more. Like I had a bad break up.
The good thing about a bad winter is the ridiculous amount of flies that will come out of it! I like to tie theme boxes of flies. I have many fly fishing projects this summer so I tied regarding these projects! I know I’m going up North East to my home town in the rolling hills of Quebec city. So I’m working on a fly box full of Muddlers of different sizes and colours and some Wulff style big bushy armpit like dries. It’s pure brook trout fishing there! They still eat that!

I’m tying lots of mice too, because I want to hit some night time browns this summer…. I heard of some nasty monsters in Southern Ontario… We’ll see.
But, like I said, its March now and the Great lakes Steelhead and suckers should be getting ready to go spawn! But their river and spawning ground are still under a meter thick ice sickle.

So I tie, and tie, and drink a little more… Waiting… For what? For the steelhead to come, for the trout season to open, for the water to warm up – so the carp are aggressive – to throw popper to some bass.
Will it come soon? Not soon enough… I can tell you that.









Text and photographs: Gabriel Bizeau-Régis