Southern Culture On The Fly No. 18


One of fly anglers favourite online magazine is out since last week! If you haven’t read it yet, do it. Now.

Attitude, Awesome images and rad text. That what you get with S.C.O.F.!

Click on the photo to be directed to it!




IF4 Coming To Toronto!


Did you know, The Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) is coming to Toronto in March 20? Well, Drift Outfitter is hosting it and it’s going to be a ton of fun! It is happening at the Rainbow There’s an awesome list of film this year, from Hooké, Vantage Point Media, The Endless Session and more.

You can get your ticket at Drift Outfitter located east of Queen and Jarvis or online from the website at for 15$.

So I hope to see a whole bunch of Toronto fly anglers on March 20 at the Rainbow Cinema – Market Square!

Taylor Reel Kicksarter Campaign For The Enigma

image1If you are a fly angler well-connected to social media I’m sure you heard about Taylor reel!

I myself have been using their Array model since this summer and love it. Today, after the launch of different model like the Revolution and the ArraySE, Taylor is starting a new Kickstarter campaign for their new jewel, the Enigma!

The reel looks amazing! Check them out at

And if you want to learn more about the kicksarter for the Enigma, visit this direct link




The Fly Fishing Film Tour Is Coming to Southern Ontario!

Fly Fishing Film Tour_2015

The Fly Fishing Film Tour is coming to Southern Ontario! It’s hosted by Mariko Izumi and it’s happening on Saturday November 14 at the Mohawk Inn&Conference Centre at 7pm, doors open at 6. Fly fishing video is a huge part of the blog and I really hope I can make it! Let us know how it was in the comment section!

The August-September Edition Of This Is Fly Is Out!


Click on the image to direct you to read the latest This Is Fly!

Featuring article from Luke Wyrsta to the Kanton Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, KC Badger about Arizona carp and more! Also, don’t miss the the photography of one of my favorite fly fishing photographer, Matt Guymon.

I spend last evening watching the Vlog page of Spooled Reel and I think you should too! It’s awesome, its raw, it’s real and Christopher is a funny man!

Chris and his partner in crime Tyler will share short video with quicker edits than their awesome movies we are used to see.

Stay tuned and visit for more!

In the meantime watch Christopher and presenting his new project Then go to the page and watch Baby Tarpon on Fly!


Can’t wait to meet these guys over the Christmas Holiday! I really need to brush up my casting though!


Drift Outfitters And Fly Shop Opening!

Last Saturday, July 18, was the grand opening of the new Toronto fly shop Drift Outiftters  And Fly Shop.

Rob and his staff work super hard the last two months to get the shop open and it was a success!

Lots of great product are in store such as Sage, Fishpond, Loop, Watermaster and more!

This is a super inclusive place to start if you want to get or are into fly fishing. Lets built a community. Drift is the place to start!

Visit their website for more info at and don’t forget to like their Facebook page at

See you there!

These are some of the photo I took during my visit.

Rob Cesta, the owner.
Fly Tester.
Fly Tester.
fly lines
fly lines
fly rods for everyone!
fly rods for everyone!
Water Masters are in Toronto!
Water Masters are in Toronto!