Disgusting Scene

Really people! How is that even considered a good idea? Scene from Tommy Tompson Park in Toronto.

Dead pike found on the bank of a pond in Tommy Thompson park in Toronto. Still today, some fisherman don't respect every species of fish that exist
Dead pike found on the bank of a pond in Tommy Thompson park in Toronto. Still today, some fisherman don’t respect every species of fish that exist. Photo by Gabriel Bizeau-Regis



As a fly fisherman and a Great Outdoor lover, the Enbridge pipeline project crossing pristine parts of the Canadian Rockies is an abomination and shameful project endorse by the Federal “Harper” government! Click on the photo to visit the website of Tar Sands Solutions Network, an organization promoting greener energy solution and the end of the Enbridge pipeline.

Conservation Is Key: CASTING A VOICE

Beautiful documentary about the Skeena Watershed and the people’s that are fighting against a relentless Canadian Conservative government for the conservation of one or THE most important wild steelhead spawning land.

The Enbridge pipeline project endorse by the fed is an abomination and it’s about time they unplugged their ears and start listening what people have to say!

For all of those that are from somewhere else than Canada, get this! The federal government, now under the power of the Conservative party, have changed the fisheries act to make sure research on environmental impact on watersheds is no longer mandatory and keep bailing Canadian scientists that do not agree with their politics! This is what’s happening in Canada…

Water & Wood

These people work super hard for the conservation of watershed. Building habitat by disposing logs in the path of streams creating structure for a better wild life diversity.

Conservation is the key for successful fishing and all fishermen that we are should be conservationist first and then fisherman second.

Video like this give me hope!
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The Provincial Québec Gouvernment Abandon Small Dam Project!


Last week, the Parti Québécois took an important decision for the sake of our rivers! Hydro Québec has abandoned the majority of their small hydro electric dam projects. The principal reason is not really the protection of the ecosystem but more to save their wallet you would say? It’s true, even Hydro Québec said it. But, many of these small dams would have been built on rivers that hold a respectable amound of brook trout, if not atlantic salmon. 

The city of Shannon had a project to build one on the Jacques-Cartier river. After all the effort for reintroducing an atlantic salmon population in this beautiful river, that would have been the end of it!

The Jacques-Cartier river use to be a prolific Salmo Salar river until (they) built a dam at it’s mouth in Donacona. Now, the CBJC have to stocked the J.-C. river at different places and even drive a tanked truck with the adult salmon that arrive in the Donacona fish ladder to the Parc de la Jacques-Cartier in the Laurentides.

I firmly beleive that the only way to have a healthy atlantic salmon run in the Jacques-Cartier is by the demolition of its actual dam. Maybe they should take example of the Penobscot river in Maine. Anyway, the decision taken by the Québec provincial government is at least a step forward in the right direction.