Coy-Wolf Kill

DSC_1198The things we see by the river! Mitch Duesling and I were searching for steelhead along the Grand river when Mitch saw a whole bunch of deer hair spread all over the place. It is then that we saw this! As a fly fishing photographer, such random act of nature is an awesome things to see and photograph! I should mention that I’m still looking for my first Fall 2015 steelhead…. It’s part of the fun they say! Cheers fly fishy peeps!



Carp On the Grand

Meanwhile we are on the Grand river in Southern Ontario, a prime brown trout fisheries. We rigged up some ungly fly and targeted carp!


Grand River Carp, Fergus, On. Canada. July 2015
Grand River Carp, Fergus, On. Canada. July 2015
Grand River Carp, Fergus, On. Canada. July 2015
Grand River Carp, Fergus, On. Canada. July 2015


Grand River, Fergus, On. Canada. July 2015. Angler: Mike Bishop.
Grand River, Fergus, On. Canada. July 2015. Angler: Mike Bishop. photo by Gabriel Bizeau-Regis
Grand River, Fergus, On. Canada. July 2015. Angler: Mike Bishop. Photo: Gabriel Bizeau-Regis
Grand River, Fergus, On. Canada. July 2015. Angler: Mike Bishop. Photo: Gabriel Bizeau-Regis

Getting Low And Dirty

I was so excited the night before that I barely slept. Johnny was coming to pick me up for a day of fly fishing for steelhead.

There where a tons of steelhead in the spring. Something I had not seen since I moved to Ontario. It was nuts!

Lot’s of bending down and kneeling, low and clear water mix with weary big migratory trout made it mandatory.

I’m a newbie into the steelheading, I’ll take any advice Johnny would tell and applied them. That day, the best advice was getting low and using eggs. The suckers where spawning in mass so sucker spawn seem to make a whole lot of sense. And it did!

Sucker Spawn and Glow bug is what was working that day. The first of many this summer!







That's me!
That’s me!








This is crazy!
This is crazy!

Steelheading On The Credit

Last week, I was meeting with Streamside pro staffer Nick Haringa for  a couple of hours of a steelheading adventure. We met at Erindale Park on the Credit River, in Southern Ontario. This is the photographs that came out of this adventure.



Perfect loop
The stonefly where with us!
The stonefly where with us!
Streamside Pro Staffer, Nick Haringa
Streamside Pro Staffer, Nick Haringa
In Motion
In Motion
Walking on fin ice
Walking on fin ice
My favourite shot of the day!
My favourite shot of the day!



Getting /$%?& Skunked

skunked on the credit

Ok, I know what you think. fly fishing is not about the fish it’s about enjoying the outdoor and spending time breathing fresh air and bla bla bla. Ya you’re right.
But today, October 9, 2013, I didnt give a dam about the fresh air, and the scenery sucks in Mississauga anyway! I took the public transit for an hour and half to catch salmon and steelhead. That’s it!
Not only did I get skunked, I also lost my brand new pair of polarized Dizm Echo Dempsey in the rapids while watching a big chinook salmon passing right between my legs! I loved these sunglasses…
I met one other fly fisherman on my way back and he also didn’t catch anything this day, I guess it happened! He also told me that I should come back because a ton of steelhead is about to start migrating and that I will have my hands full for at least until december!
I’ll beleive it when I see it! For now I can’t really see it anymore since I lost my Sunglasses 😦

Skunked At Shebeshegong Lake

Dirt road is a sign your getting closer
Dirt road is a sign your getting closer

Last weekend I was super excited about discovering a new piece of Ontario water: Shebeshegong lake. I heard good fishing stories about this lake and I had plans to engage some good’ol bare knuckle fight with some Ontarian bronze back!

So how the weekend went? Like crap! I got snubbed by all the fish of Shebeshegong! Even my sister-in-law caught a bluegill while jigging a worm! Me, NADA!
this is a sweet morning coffee view
this is a sweet morning coffee view
Woolly Bugger, giant colorfull streamers, bucktail and poppers – nothing was working out! On top of rejecting my fly selection, it rained and thundered all weekend!
Popper fly fishing on the dock
New waders doesn't guaranty you will catch fish
New waders doesn’t guaranty you will catch fish
I had a huge grocery list of all the photographs I had in mind for that weekend, I spend last wednesday night tying bugger and tied up some leader for the event. For what… for a whole lot of nothing!
At least I was spending time with my girlfriend and family. Drinking Canadian rye whiskey and eating under the constant rain. Oh no I’m lying, we got a couple hours of just cloud where we managed to have a little bit of a campfire!
Scrap wood campfire
Drinks on rock, literally
Drinks on rock, literally
I guess I will not be featured on the trophy board on the door of the cottage! I had a lot of fun and laughed anyway and want to thank Barb for inviting us to her awesome cottage! Because sometimes, it’s not always about the fishing…. wait….. I’m taking back the fishing part…
The best to heal a bad fishing day is by playing some mandolin by the fire
Best way to heal a bad fishing day is by playing some mandolin by the fire
Have you ever experience a whole weekend of shitty fishing? I’m sure you guys did at some point. It happens even to the best of us! Share your “getting skunked” story with us! Just write it down, you might feel better after that!
Write it in English, in French, in Swedish, German or Norwegian, etc! But just do it!
The good old days of the record player
The good old days of the record player
Good bye awesome Muskoka cottage life, see you next year!
Good bye awesome Muskoka cottage life, see you next year!

When The Sweet Spot Becomes Sour

hate you sometimes!
Three week ago I was going to my Southern Ontario sweet spot again! Every time I know I’m going there I get excited all week because I know, no matter what, I will be catching a shit load of Mr. Lunkerson, in a pond about 100 meters long.
Uncle Wayne’s pond is filled with smallmouth bass between 3 to even 8 pounds! Got there Friday night around 8 but didn’t go to the pond right away, I had to show some love to my loved ones part of the family, right! But all night I constantly had one eye twitching toward the magic pond, the Sweet Spot…
I was also very exited to take pictures of big ass smallmouth taken with tiny trout bucktail streamers for an article I’m was working on for the Backcast Magazine!
After a night of waking up every hour to see if the sun had started to rise a little (I literally did that) it was time, when everybody was still asleep I took my gear, and my very new fly rod and headed to the pond. After an hour and a half of fishing, I only caught 2 tiny little smallmouths and a rock bass! We didn’t even know there was rock bass in there! Must have happened when the river flooded.
I just thought it was the beginning of the day, they might be still sleeping… Well no. The fishing was horrible all weekend! No smallmouth larger than half a pound was caught! I mean, I did everything possible to catch them, for two days straight! The only time I saw a flinch of a big fish was when I used a popper but other than swimming under it, no takers! No streamers, no bass bug, no dry, nymph or wet was working! These fish wouldn’t even take a Woolly Bugger!
Sometimes I also get the “it’s because you’re using a fly rod” from people that don’t fly fish. BUT my brother-in-law couldn’t get a bite on his rapala and the smallies snubbed all the worms thrown at them by Uncle Wayne.
So guys, never forget, it’s not because it’s your sweet spot that it will always go your way… 
where your mommy!

One day, I will be a fly fishing guide.

wet wading on the Jacque-Cartier

One day, I will be a fly fishing guide.

Yup I said it! I have a plan and I’m going to stick with it! I have been fly fishing for 10 years, well technically, because I didn’t really fly fish a lot when I went to college and university.

I’m going to map out a five year plan that is going to lead to a fly fishing guide job at the end. For the moment, I’m trying to get a foot in a fly shop, not an easy task by the way! I gave resumes to fly shops that are in my area (Toronto) but didn’t have any call backs after two weeks, it’s pretty hard if you don’t really know anybody from the inside. I keep hoping anyway…

This last winter I have been working to regain my fly tying skills and it’s looking pretty good! I’m also looking to sell my flies at some point but not yet, I want to fish them first, fish them a lot! My dad and some friends of mine are also helping me with the testing. I want to build nice looking flies but solid flies, flies you can beat up real bad before having to retire.

Casting skills is also something that I have to work on, and I made a plan to go at a minimum four times a week to practice casting in the park instead of heading to the water, you can read more about casting practising in this post Casting The Grass

I’m also thinking about fly fishing guide school! I have to look more into it but regardless of the cost, I’m including it in my long term plan. I still have to convince my girlfriend it’s a good investment… Sweetwater Travel Company offers what seems to be a very good 7 day course and a college in the Gaspe peninsula offers a 3 month full on course in atlantic salmon guiding, and in my mother tongue (French)! So I will be looking into this too.

That’s it for now, I will let you know when I succeed getting a foot in a fly shop position and will keep you updated on my journey!

The Sweet Spot

Uncle Wayne's Smallmouth Pond

Every fly fisher have a sweet spot they use to build confidence or to make themselves feel better knowing they can still catch fish. A small stream with “dumber” trout, an easy access beaver pond full of tiny brook trout or a grayling lake somewhere in northern Europe.

Well my sweet spot is in southern Ontario and I call it Uncle Wayne’s Smallmouth Pond and we spent the long weekend over there! Since I moved to Toronto, a little bit more then a month ago, I caught two notable fish – a steelhead and a brown trout. But I went fishing a lot so it’s kind of disappointing.

So with a low level of confidence and lots of doubt about my fly fishing capability, I headed to Ingersoll Ontario with great hope! I know that May is not the best season for smallmouth and the season is actually opening in mid June but since it’s a private pond and that we release all of the fish catch I don’t feel too bad about doing it. It was needed, trust me.

After fishing the whole day Saturday catching very small smalllmouth and getting my brother-in-law falling in love with fly fishing, Sunday appeared to be the right day!

I got what I wanted! A smallmouth worth taking a picture of! Thank you big bass on behalf of my Instagram account that was full of pictures of flies and not many fish pictures!

Anytime you don’t feel good about your fishing, you’re sad or upset, head to your sweet spot where you’re almost absolutely sure to catch something.

smallmouth bass from Uncle Wayne's pond