Competitive Fly Fishing And The Notion Of What’s “Proper”

Competitive Fly Fishing and the Notion of What’s “Proper”

Earlier this week Phil Monahan from the Orvis News wrote an article about competitive fly fishing and the “proper” way to fly fish. It is a very interesting article and I invite you to go write down your opinion about both! just click on the link!

I don’t really have a strong opinion about competitive fly fishing because I have never seen it before and never experienced fishing in a competitive environment. Although, I’m definitely not a purist and I do not believe in a “proper” way to fly fish. I love purists because every sport kind of need them to keep it real but they tend to think that their way is “the” way and that annoys me very much!

I hate the mentality of “you can’t do that, you can’t do this”. It’s funny because once, I read someone saying that trolling your fly is not fly fishing. Well, this summer I was at the Toronto water front and while moving from spot to spot I just left my line and flies trolling along the docks and a giant (and I do mean GIANT) carp went for my trolling woolly bugger! I fought this giant donkey for almost 20 minutes before my leader broke while trying to get the fish from a 3 foot high gap. It was awesome! It was on a fly, on a fly rod, with a fly line…. Will you tell me this was not fly fishing?


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