Save a Horse, Ride an Angler

16 Apr

Fly Fishing like it should always be! Tight work from DeltaTroutForce.

High Horse Fly Tying Powder

15 Apr

High Horse Fly - Fly Tying Powder

This Winter I started to use the new fly tying powder made by High Horse Fly. I use it on streamers head and also on the body of my nymphs to add some weight. It’s a great product because it makes the fly substantially heavier without the use of a bead. This can be super useful on high pressure trout streams.

It’s easy to mix and it’s easy to apply! To mix it, all you need to do is mix your head cement with the powder in a little container. To apply it, just use the point of your bodkin (just like normal cement). Done!

From streamer heads to tiny nymph bodies – try it, experiment with it, fish it.

Visit for more info.


14 Apr

The spring release of S.C.O.F Online magazine is out!

Go read it!

Fly Fishing Ruins Life On Etsy

10 Apr

musky - ffrl

Zane Porter, the creator and artist at Fly Fishing Ruins Life as open an Etsy store. You like his art? Go check him out at


Of Mouse And Man

9 Apr

Of Mouse And Man

Patagonia Toronto And The Simple Fly Fishing

9 Apr

Patagonia Toronto

I went to the Patagonia Toronto store on Monday to check out the new “simple thing” in the family business.

I love the store, they are very involved in the environmental activism in and around Toronto, and they’re just really nice! It’s not a fly fishing store, it’s a Patagonia branch. It’s nice to go talk with people that are not fly fishing big head. No pretension here. If you go there, talk to Brett, he knows.

I have never tried tenkara before, so it was interesting to see what’s up with that! It’s like Yvon Chouinard say, simple fly fishing. No reel, a fly line and a leader. That’s it! Oh and some flies.

The rods come in three length: 8’6”, 10’6” and 11’6”. The kit also includes a 35-foot-length tenkara fly line developed with Cortland and a 7.5’ 3X leader.

Patagonia toronto

The rod and the kit is nice, I haven’t read the book but I will get back to you about it. What is special about this new product from Patagonia is not necessarily the product itself but the idea behind it. Patagonia is a company with a strong environmental consciousness, especially towards fresh water systems. The new documentary release Damnation is a great example of that. The rods might just be a simple way to get closer to our water.

In and around Toronto, we are surrounded by rivers, but the intense urbanization is destroying the banks and the runoff is polluting them. Patagonia Toronto is involved in protecting these rivers and their ravines (look for Love The Ravines). If you visit the store and buy one of their rod, start the amazing sport that is fly fishing, may be you will feel a little more closer to Toronto’s park and waters. Look up Toronto on a map, water you will find, and where there’s water, there’s fish!

Talking with Brett at Patagonia Toronto

Talking with Brett at Patagonia Toronto

If you want one of these rods visit Patagonia Toronto at 500 King W, Toronto, ON M5V 1L9 or call them at (416) 861-1102

And of you are out in the boonies, you can always visit their website:


Natten den 28 december.

8 Apr

That is sight fly fishing at it’s best! Frontside Fly delivers as always. Make sure to take four minutes of your day to watch it!


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