This is fly Is Out

24 Nov

this is fly017

Check out the new release of This Is Fly at once!

Featuring a Rooster fly fishing adventure, sculpin and Hooké crazy trip in Ungava in Quebec far north!


Wild ‘Bout Brookies

17 Nov

Anyone that as red my blog before kind of gets that brook trout are ma favourite fish! This video from BlueBlood just consolidates my love even more.

5 Things You Want On A Fly Tying Vice

11 Nov

Photo by Gabriel Bizeau-Régis

1. 360 Rotation :

The 360 degree rotation is very important! It helps when you have to tie material under the hook shank because all you need to do is flip it 180 degree and it’s just like if you where tying on top! It’s very useful for streamers, Spey and Salmon flies where a lot of different material is used to dress the fly.

2. A Multi-Size Hook Jaw :

If you’re like me and can’t really justify buying different vices for different flies you need to find a vice that can hold various size of hooks. Try to find a vice that can hold hooks as small as 20 and under so you can tie small dries and nymphs for your trout fishing but also big 0/2 or bigger hooks. This comes handy when you want to tie poppers, musky and pike flies as well as some bigger salmon flies.

3. A Base Or A Large Enough Clamp :

A vice with a base is great because you can put it on any given surface. If you don’t have base, find a vice that have the largest clamps because sometimes they wont fit when the table, or desk is too thick.

4. Simple Enough To Carry Around :

Go to your favourite fly shop and look at the vices they carry. You will see some vice with a ton of jazz to it! If you’re a commercial fly tier it can be handy, but I find the simpler it is, the easier it is to carry and that’s a plus. From your desk to your car steering wheel or even the train (exactly where I’m right now thinking – I could totally bring some fly tying stuff with me!) a simple set-up makes it easy to travel with!

5. A Spring To Hold Material :

A spring around the shank of the jaw is great because it help tiers keep material away when needed. Like hackles that gets in the way when you try to tied more material.

These are the features I look for in a fly tying vice. Tell me what you look for on your fly tying vice.

Movember Donation

5 Nov


I have been growing a moustache every month of November for the past 3 years!

Men’s health is a big deal! Help me raising money for a better men’s world by going at this address and donate a little bit of pocket changes!

thank you so much everyone!



Endless Summer

5 Nov

Latest video from BigCatch Chronicles! Covering some awesome Florida salt water! Hard work that’s for sure!


8 of the Spookiest Waters to Fish

31 Oct

Happy Halloween to all of you! I red a post about haunted rivers this morning from the amazing blog Gink And Gasoline and thought I would share it here!

Make sure to check it out!

Last Trout Day Of The Season

30 Oct

These are shots I took in September during the last week of trout season.

I did not fly fish for trout a lot the last season but these few moments were very cool.

Southern Ontario’s trout water has a lot to offer and I can’t wait to discover more of it!






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